Makeup Rooms

Makeup Rooms

We'll rent you our studio out!

When we’re renting our Studio A out, this always means that it’s completely ready and fully-equipped for any kind of a photoshoot to occur there on any day.
Starting with the lighting, cameras for rent, the white and green screens, tripods and steadycams – we’ve got it all for any hobbyist or a professional photographer!

Here's how it works:

You pick a convenient day on the calendar and book a studio
We determine whether you need gear rent and how many hours will you take
You are in the process of making your photoshoot a reality!

We get it

We're ready to assist you both with the photo shoot and any post-processing!

Customers, who've done such transfers:

Man, I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots for my company (as we do lots of yearly photo albums of our 434 employees). Still, no studio has made such a good impression on me…

Albert Ferguson

As I’ve been looking for a reasonably big studio for my next photoshoot in this town, I was referred to this one by a friend. Eventually, it turned out to be the best studio I’ve…

Jimmy Latuck

I am just so happy that I was referred to this studio by my wife! We’re both professional photographers and she perfectly knows how picky and thorough I am!

Andy Burrie